23 de marzo de 2020

Geltr is now Mozper

Sua vida teria sido diferente se tivesse aprendido como lidar com o dinheiro desde sempre?

We are proud to announce that we are changing our brand name and corporate identity from Geltr to Mozper. The name change is a result of a rebranding effort in preparation for our upcoming launch designed to reflect the growth and transformation of our company and an improved product-market fit for Latin America.

Mozper is focused on helping parents raise financially responsible children, through utilizing a debit card product and an interactive app platform. We aim to provide greater flexibility and independence to children while allowing security and peace of mind to their parents.

Our new identity has been designed to satisfy all the expectations of what our brand stands for as well as the versatility to move forward as it matures. In crafting the name Mozper, we used the following keywords as inspiration: Monitor, Generation Z, Prosper, Responsible, Money, Aspire. Limiting factors included a six-letter maximum, an available primary ‘.com’ domain address, as well as any spelling variations and similar or related domain addresses. In addition to qualifying within the preset criteria, Mozper is pronounced properly in all English, Spanish, and Portuguese, giving us region-wide coverage as one cohesive and unmistakable brand.

Please know, the change of name will not involve any modifications to the nature and idiosyncrasy of the company, nor will it in any way affect existing relations with customers, partners, suppliers, providers, personnel and/or shareholders.

Finally, we take this opportunity to thank our clients, investors, sponsors, and partners for their continued support. We look forward to having them by our side throughout our journey to financially educate today’s youth in Latin America, or as we now like to call them: “The MoZ-Generation”.

New Website
We invite you to visit our new site: And if you are anywhere in Mexico, please join the +975 people (and counting) that signed up for our waiting list. Otherwise, if you would like to support us on our journey to empower the next generation of financially savvy kids in Latin America, drop us a line:

P.S. Within the next days we will be announcing our Credit Card Network partner in Mexico and reveal our new debit card design.

Editor Mozper
por Somos el equipo de producto y marketing de Mozper Brasil y creamos contenidos para acompañar a nuestros usuarios en la educación financiera de sus hijos.